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Hello and many welcomes to my healthy weightloss blog!
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I'm here to support each and every one of you in whatever goal you wish to achieve. I'm here to support, talk, listen, ask, and answer. Don't be afraid to message me, I do not judge. I'm a very friendly, kind, and caring person. Whether it's weightloss, self-harm, sex, love, drugs, school.. I will talk about it and try my best to give advice. I've been there. Even if you just want to talk about a good book or a movie or literally anything, I'll be more than happy to talk. *If you want your messages kept private, please say so*
While I am here for you and any kind of conversation, I'm also on my journey to achieve my goal of weight loss. I am generally a happy person, but as we all know, this goal can be frustrating! This blog is also to help me loose weight for once and for all. I want to feel happy, healthy, and comfortable in my skin. I had my GW before and it felt fantastic.. I need to go back.
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Jan. 31/12

Gonna eat only fruits and veggies today. And only gonna drink water.
Breakfast: Banana, 4 strawberries, water
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Water and Salad (spinach leaves, 1 baby carrot chopped up, few slices of green pepper and few slices of orange pepper)
Plans for supper: Steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus) and water
And before bed I’ll just drink my usual green tea. Or I might just have more water.


— 2 years ago